Mass Tax Bill Disclaimer

Users of the mass tax billing file need to be aware that when looking at field 28 of the mass tax bill file entitled “appealed t/f” located in column 480, if there is a “t” in this field, then this is a temporary tax bill pending the outcome of the appeal process. This temporary tax bill is based on 85% of the current valuation as set by the Board of Tax Assessors. If your bill is overpaid, we will refund the over payment, including interest of 1% per month, as provided by law, not to exceed $150. You will not need to request the refund. If there is a balance due after a final determination of value on appeal, we will send an additional bill at that time, which may include interest from the due date of this temporary tax bill until the date any additional taxes are paid, if the final determination of value is greater than the valuation used for this temporary tax bill.

By using this information, the user is stating that the above disclaimer has been read and that he/she has full understanding and is in agreement with the contents. 

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