Homeowner's Tax Relief Grant

The HTRG (Homeowner's Tax Relief Grant) is the result of the homeowner's tax relief enacted by the Governor and the General Assembly of the State of Georgia in 1999. The grant, appropriated by the General Assembly and the Governor for the last several years to counties, cities and schools, had given tax relief to homeowners in an amount up to $8000 in assessed value for all homeowners who are receiving one of the normal (Link to Homestead page) homestead exemptions.  For the 2009 tax year, the Governor and General Assembly did not fund the Homeowners Tax Relief Grant. Declining state revenues during the current recession means there is no money for the State to give the tax relief to homeowners. Therefore, there will not be a credit for this grant on 2009 tax bills on properties with homestead exemption. According to legislation passed in 2009 (House Bill 143), the grant will only be made available in the future if state revenues grow at least 3% plus the rate of inflation. As a result, many Georgia homeowners will see a property tax increase of $200 to $300 on their 2009 tax bills.

For additional information or questions, please contact the Tax Commissioner office at (706) 821-2391.

Click the link below to hear a message from the Tax Commissioner about the HTRG.
HTRG message from Steven B. Kendrick

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