Property Tax

Taxpayers who pay within the first 20 days (on or by Oct. 5, 2023) will receive a 1% discount on the tax portion of their bill, a perk that is shared by only a few counties in Georgia. Tax bills, which are usually mailed in mid-September, will retain their same due date of November 15th.  Bills paid after November 15th will incur interest charges immediately thereafter each month and a one-time penalty of 10% on December the 20th.

Payments can be made through the mail, the tax commissioner's website, over the phone at (706) 252-9080, through one of our drop boxes (located outside all of our offices), or in person at the Municipal Building or the South and West Augusta Tag Offices. (Please note property taxes can only be paid at the tag offices via debit card, credit card, or check.)  For more information call 706-821-2391.

Property Taxes Due 

 2023 property tax bills are due as of November 15, 2023.


For all who owned property on January 1, even if the property has been sold,  a tax bill will still be sent. View more information about payment responsibility.


Tax Sales 

View tax sale information, including current lists and next sale date, by clicking here.

New to Richmond County? 

Just sold a home or property? Just bought a home or property? Access helpful information about registering vehicles and homestead exemptions.

Property Tax Facts 

View and print Information about Property Tax (PDF) in Richmond County.