Exemption Summary

Preferential Assessments & Tax Exempt Status

The Tax Assessor’s office determines eligibility and processes applications for property qualified for specialized assessments such as Conservation Use and Preferential Assessment (agricultural, historic, conservation, Brownfield, etc.) and tax-exempt property (churches, non-profit hospitals, etc.).

Tax-exempt status must be approved by the Board of Tax Assessors before tax liability can be removed. Contact the Tax Assessor’s office directly at 706-821-2310 or Tax Assessor for more information on preferential assessments.

Senior and all other special exemptions must be applied for in person or mailed to our office including all required documentation.
Fee Note
Homestead exemptions do not exempt applicants from such fees as solid waste and street lights.
  1. Regular
  2. Senior
  3. Disability
  4. Veteran
  5. Other

Regular Homestead Exemption
S1 - Regular Homestead Exemption 

  • For all property owners who occupy the property as of January 1 of the application year. No income or age limit.
  • Includes $5,000 off the assessed value on County and $5,000 off School.