Applications & Forms

Title Application (MV-1)

This form is used to apply for a Georgia title and should be completed by the buyer.
Download the MV-1 form

Disabled Person's Parking Affidavit (MV-9D)

Download the MV-9D form

Affidavit of Correction (T-11)

A T-11 is used to explain allowable corrections in an assignment section on the back of the title or statement of origin. It cannot be used on titles where white-out, correction tape or complete scratching-out of the information has occurred.
Download theT-11 form

Bill of Sale (T-7)

This form can be used to transfer ownership.
Download the T-7 form

Application for Replacement Plate and/or Decal (MV-7)

This form is used for reissuing a plate and/or decal if it is stolen, lost, damaged or lost in the mail. It is completed when you come into a tag office. In order to process an MV-7, it must be accompanied by an official police/incident report. 
Download the MV-7 form

Affidavit to Certify Immediate Family Relationship (MV-16)

This affidavit provides evidence that the listed vehicle was transferred (whether gifted, purchased or inherited) between persons who are immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent or grandchild).
Download the MV-16 form

Lien Release (T-4)

This form is completed by the lienholder to release a lien (security interest). All signatures must be original and notarized.
Download the T-4 form

Voluntary Cancellation (MV-18J)

A registered owner may cancel the registration at any time; however, it must be cancelled prior to terminating insurance in order to prevent any penalties.  Cancellations can be handled at any of the tag offices, mailed in,  or online by clicking here.

Download the MV-18J form

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